EEA certified
Master in European Law - Sorbonne Law School
Bachelor in Gemology - ING
Diploma in Art History - University of Lille-II


«Quickly resuming normal flows and limiting cargo loss»

Supply chain logistics ensure the sustainability of companies and societies, and support the development of e-commerce. It is thus a fundamental link in the commercial chain. Cargo flows are non-stop. This permanence leads to risks at all stages of the logistic chain.
As the newest addition to the ADENES group, the VERING CARGO brand can rely on the expertise of specialized experienced surveyors and on VERING’s strategic national and international network. Thereby it completes our offer and accompanies you when the process seizes up. With the quality of service that is our signature.

Fields of activity

  • Carriage or storage of goods (cargo surveys)
  • Ad Valorem
  • Civil liability of the freight forwarder
  • Civil liability of the carrier / haulier
  • Own account carriage
  • Controls at loading or unloading
  • Quality controls

Intervention in any type of claim

  • Transport or logistic incidents (breakdown of cold chain, unstowing, delivery errors, contamination, etc.)
  • Characterized accidents
  • Fires, floods, natural disasters
  • Theft or machinery breakdown

Fields of intervention

  • Perishable and fresh food
  • Agricultural supplies
  • Pharmaceutic and cosmectic products
  • Chemical products
  • Industrial and consumable goods
  • Wide loads (indivisible goods)
  • Transported vehicles
  • Goods in containers
  • Construction materials
  • Industrial or private relocation
  • Multimodal transportation (road, sea, rail, river, air)

Our team in France

  • ALLAIN Isabelle
  • BOTHMER Alexandre
  • DEGONDE Jean
  • GAUMERAIS Dominique – Expert recommandé CESAM
  • PHILIPPE Cécile
  • SEILER Lauriane

Our assistants

  • Anne MENARD
  • Michaela MULLER

To appoint us, please contact

  • 02 40 76 72 58