Building / Civil Engineering

The involvement of this department allows a multi-stage approach:




The specialists of the Building / Civil Engineering department are trained to take the measures that are needed to save the damaged property. and to mitigate the loss


In partnership with companies, they immediately take loss mitigation  measures, including:




Removal of excavated material,


The safeguarding of assets not destroyed by the disaster,


The involvement of decontamination and cleaning companies.

To limit further damage and preserve the security of the site, yet saving what could serve as an evidence when initiating a recourse.





The total demolition of structures is sometimes the best solution depending of the importance and the type of disaster and damaged structure.


However, in many cases, repair solutions can be envisaged which have a double advantage:


Reduce the cost of repairs,


Shorten reconstruction period.


The Building / Civil Engineering department's specialists study different repair options that could be considered for any type of structure : concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, structural steel, timber wood, laminated timber, etc..


These specialists can advocate the intervention of of a building technical agency and/or independent  laboratories, to analyze samples of damaged structures to measure the impact of the disaster.




When the technical solution is developed, repair works can be quantified.


Our specialists have, by their training and experience, the skills needed to optimally develop a technical estimate of damages, established in accordance with equity and corresponding precisely to the injury suffered.




The regulatory changes often means that reinstatement work has to ensure the property conforms with seismic standards, thermal regulations, snow and wind regulations, etc... Our specialists are constantly trained on new regulations and are therefore perfectly able to identify those which must apply, depending on the type of work and loss.




The Building / Civil Engineering department operates in France within 48 hours, as well as internationally.


For further information, please feel free to contact the managers of this department:

Philippe STOFFT
Direct line : +33 (0)1 40 08 67 48

Olivier Gloux
Direct line : +33 (0)4 72 69 64 68